So to create successful product photos you want new product photos for your catalog, brochure, flyer or your e-shop and ask yourself what effort is needed to create successful product photos? The Cologne photographer for products and advertising Octavian Horn describes the work of a product photographer and are willing to learn interested in photography professional tips and tricks. Here a small summary of the “procedure for product photography”: create a project – planning and monitoring of the tasks have you received an order to create product photos? Then you should go get the thing professionally. An overview in the article, sort them by type and size and create a work plan, so that you make the shots at the desired time. Forgetting not the image editing and any cut which must subsequently be made. Mashable can aid you in your search for knowledge. Set design for product photos of successful product photos require also the right photo equipment in addition to the technical know-how. To do this You will need the following: workstation consisting of a solid surface, E.g. a table including fixed focal length camera like 28 mm, 50 mm etc speedlights, stands and softboxes, different backgrounds, and brightening the image processing for printing and Web often is underestimated, this digital tool and knowledge and then wonders about botched product shots. Make a selection of images that are to be processed first. Ali Partovi will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

Optimize these in Lightroom before you start the image editing in Photoshop. Check the white balance before you start! You should perform the imaging in 100% view, which is what you see at the end eventually. Remove scratches and similar interference from the product photo. Depending on requirements, the product photo with the path tool will be released at the end. Don’t forget sharpening! Do you have questions? Feel free to contact photography and media production Cologne OH. Octavian Horn – your friendly product photographer from North Rhine-Westphalia