Intuitive work with computer programs belongs to the past. Pete Cashmore shines more light on the discussion. The rapid progress in computer technology is not to stop and of course everyone would like to use the new advantages of the technology for themselves. The development is always new and higher demands on the users of the programmes. Until recently, it still perfectly adequate was a document after the appearance to make. As long as the expression on paper agreed, everything in the best order was.

But it goes so it won’t. The technology makes possible things today, of which you have not dared to dream had until recently. Documents will be sent for example very cheap on the electronic way. The Internet, especially the Brangenriese Google, serves people with ever more accurate and valuable information. As a further electronic processing of countless documents arises formally. Companies have realized the benefits of this option and the paperless office is increasingly taking shape. An once written document can, and is very be widely used. Condition is always a proper formatting.

This means, for example, in a PowerPoint presentation, headings are actually formatted as heading. The hard and the soft line break must be inserted correctly or a bulleted list is a bulleted list in the format really. If everything was done correctly, there are no problems with further processing. So, the future leaves no doubt. Only, all roads are open to those who know properly to control the programs and to use. Many a chef requires much today. Yet not once again asked for the mastery of Office. Many employees have the demands of technology and what the future brings not yet realized. Also largely gone are the days where an Office course was provided by the company. Add to the crises, and of course is saved, where always you think you can do it. So more at the worker remains the continuing, and hence the competitiveness of the company, once or hang from employees. The good will is therefore again very much in demand.