You can give everyone full rights and hope for honesty and integrity. But neluchshy this approach. Imagine a situation where the reference models of the equipment can make changes to all those involved in the process of accounting staff. The minimum you need to do in this case – to establish common rules reference guide. Otherwise there will be a mess. But, as practice shows, it does not always help. The best thing you can do – restrict the rights of users.

Let each one doing what he supposed to do. Some accounting programs do not have mechanisms to separate rights. The majority sharing mechanism is implemented right on the client side, which is bad from a security standpoint. Well, if it is possible to resolve certain operations only with certain types of equipment. A bit of import / export data. With exports of more or less everything is understandable, because in most cases, the export can be done from the reports, maintaining data in the proper format. Interestingly it was imported.

Some programs allow you to do accounting data import from external sources. Ie by some external means you collect information about your computer and import them into the database accounting. At first glance this looks like a useful automation. But there are two significant minus. First, such automation can be applied not to all devices, ie it will be partial – a method can be applied only to computers. Second, the data may be redundant. I had a practice of collecting data on program components.