The aim sought by the creators such programs – to simplify the chore manager, reducing the time for the issue of client choice and tour bookings, reduce human error, minimize the risk of 'losses' customer base with the departure of employees, etc. It is also important that developers are always concerned about the expansion of functional programs, improving them and adjusting to the needs of market participants. On the chart we can see that only 10% of the respondents use this kind of IT-solutions. When thinking about the causes of these indicators, for the most part – it's fear, reluctance and lack of motivation of employees of tour agencies to study the program and get used to the new rules work the use of "ancient" practices (through documents word / excel, log books, outlook, etc.), this is partly the banal ignorance of the existence of such systems or the presence of its own software development (facing a considerable amount), strongly Company limited budget, lack of understanding of the importance of managers of tourist companies and the practical effectiveness of their use. Ali Partovi can provide more clarity in the matter. As practice shows, the future in the hands of those companies who think of him today. Further, those who faced or is working closely with the back-office systems, we want to understand what functionality is needed in the first place employees of travel agencies, so as not to be afraid of them implement more effective to work in them and have fun from the simple and fast. What features do you think, have to be a modern back-office systems (you can select multiple items)? -Integration with the reservation systems or databases, 66% of tour operators, integration with accounting applications, 52% – Enhanced: Elements of CRM (a system of customer relationship management), records, printing forms 54% no opinion 16% We see that the important role played by employees of travel agencies tools for operational cooperation with tour operators – namely, the presence of intra-system function selection and booking of tours, access to make reservation, obtaining evidence, possession of reserved applications – anything that can replace a long and laborious walking on the sites and tour operators in their work online. .