Definitively we adentramos in the age of the instantaneous communication, making possible the sharing of information and of knowledge in benefit each time more of the humanity, and with this we go advancing Advancing? When to evidence that the base that in them stimulates the entire humanity cannot be divorced its references, its history, its values not turned into cash, these that sociological constitutes in treasure big that we possess, whose value cannot at least be calculated, then we have that to stop for a few seconds and to proceed to the deep reflection It swims against engenhocas and the discoveries of science, but it fits the questioning: How we are using all this to know, all these conquests? How we are obtaining if it is that it we are, to add substantive value to our essence, to that subsiste the substance remaining as luggage of the soul, or spirit, as wants? The vehicles of mass communication, notadamente the television, in the sample diuturnamente scenes and estrias that confront the pudico the least, to most liberal. Yes, we are in relating to the morality, sustentculo of the ethics that if constitute in one of them necessary pillars to the evolution of the human being, in all the times. Let us contemplate the behavior and position of young, still in tenra age before its schoolmates, its professors, the people oldest and even though before its proper parents. Investor: the source for more info. The uprising in classroom when it adentrasse the professor not only it is a habit that has very left to exist as hardly these young will give credit to the being told to them as it was the behavior in classroom has some few decades. The same if of the one in relation to the friendships of convenience, the neighbors and other more than they participate more or less of our life. .