Through the knowledge we could keep more adequate relations with the natural way and the proper social order without exauri the relations that exist in this of so fast form as the society contemporary comes making. Then therefore to conclude itself: It considers an instauration of knowing, so that the knowledge is something important, is necessary to create a new to know, for in such a way criticizes the enrolled rganum for Aristotle about more than two a thousand that it barred the progress of science. Bacon supplies to a step to the introduction modern science. It is the first a if to worry about the method, progress and technique. See more detailed opinions by reading what Peter Asaro offers on the topic.. Bacon fought against the medieval world, and that science was estagnada the Church.

He describes that the man must know to live and consequently to use the nature to progress in its social relations in search of the best quality of life. Francis Bacon increases the step that separates to man and nature. Then the baconiano method was basic for the progress of the knowledge, therefore the researcher leads to understand and to search the causes of phenomena that he desires to study, instigate the researcher to analyze all the pure objects in search of an effective knowledge and far from the errors, to acalcar such objectives the researcher must execute experimentation and follow of form systemize the methodology adopted in the research, contemplated in the inductive, cautious and systemize method well launched by the philosophy of Francis Bacon.