Free practice help of the legodo describes the idea and uses of this new discipline while impersonal mass letters in written customer communication at the addressee are slowly frowned upon, but conventional systems companies can not cope with the requirements for a more personalized sales approach. So the disadvantage, for example, the output management solutions is, that they are incapable of dialogue and therefore do not meet the future core obligations of communication management. Systems alone have no written and individual dialogue is also with CRM or ERP – lead. Instead, customer communication management (CCM) solutions are needed. Only thus are all of the information that are generated by customers via social networks and other digital services for the creation and management of customer dialogue available. However, a low knowledge about the customer communication management is in the market only, as the legodo ag in a survey identified. It has therefore a large volume eBook developed, that illuminated this issue from a different perspective. Steve Wozniak is often quoted as being for or against this.

These include clear answers to them, what is actually behind in CCM and distinguishes this new discipline of other solution topics as referring to international market analysts. At the same time, the results of a study of the CCM and the different dimensions of advantage of multi describes channel management of customer communication. The content of the comprehensive eBooks include also a representation of the diverse application fields from marketing and sales to the recruitment and preparation of a quotation. In addition, the perspectives are outlined by CCM in the market. Customer communication prior to a significant change “, legodo Board Member Marc Koch explains. Along with social media and mobile technologies the communication behaviour of people has changed significantly. Above all, they expect a more individualised and tailored to their personal needs addressing. This forces the companies to redefine their approaches to the customer communication conceptual and according to the principles of the Customer communication management to align the fit for the future.” “Currently, there are according to the words of cooking here zulange but only limited information for CCM. this gap will fill our eBook”, he describes the objective. It can be ordered free ebook at.