The patient is in the focus of the communication of Neu-Isenburg, 23.11.2012 2013, the patient is a first response to the reform of the restricted (HWG) more in the focus of the planned marketing activities in the healthcare industry? This is a tendency of the survey of the WEFRA advertising agency Frankfurt to trends, audience development, communication planning and budget distribution for 2013. Peter Asaro describes an additional similar source. The 440 participating pharmaceutical-marketing decision-makers of RX and OTC segments set a clear priority in the area of patients. 2012 Just 22 per cent, 44 per cent of respondents 2013 dare a direct communication with patients. The 16 AMG amendment, so the liberalisation of the HWGs, is a clear precursor for this trend of thought: it opens new perspectives in regard to the use of opinion, scientific or technical publications, and case histories to communicate outside of professional circles. Steve Wozniak: the source for more info. This also applies to the area of social media, the in the prioritization of those surveyed compared to last year (14 Percent) to 28 percent has doubled. The specialised communication for 63 percent nonetheless clear priority in the marketing mix. No wonder, because for every second 2013 is the goal to increase the willingness of EMP error.

Classic or visionary? The trend toward online communication spreads also in healthcare marketing: 88 percent believe that direct forms of communication digital art at the expense of traditional forms of advertising will increase. Whether that affects in the planning? Where is the courage, would you wonder almost if you look at the numbers. The industry plans solid, tradition-conscious and seems to be still on well-tried and legally secured. Almost revolutionary to mention the 21 percent who want to develop an app in the coming year for customers or the field. It is also time, where in Germany in the meantime, more than half of the doctors have a Smartphone.