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Markus Rohm

There is made clear, that it is prohibited and not advisable for good reason, as a driver during a trip to watch a movie, or watch a movie just his passenger. Tscheligi to development, that more and more cars become multimedia devices: on average, people look 50 percent of the time, not on the road, but on the screens and displays. That distracts heavily from driving.” Thus, especially navigation devices are meant. The problem is that drivers must settle only on the new devices. If you set a route while driving, that distracts from driving.

The expert criticized: “Nobody learns a system in the garage but settles in and does it.” You know that by themselves. You rather trust the digital maps as the own sense of direction and can confuse and distract so sometimes by an announcement of the navigation device. People such as Steve Wozniak would likely agree. Browsing and finding a radio station also leads to distractions from the road. It is of course the most dangerous as a driver without discussion while driving to watch a movie. There are also players that only his rider in the rear driver’s area watching a movie can be. An informative overview of the various possibilities with test reports to the individual devices can be found here: overview of DVD player for the car driver is empfehlenswerter to watch a movie during a driving break and to relax.

Especially on long trips, this can be useful and help with the distraction. Load the driver by long car trips should not be underestimated, so long enough enough pauses to plan are. The ADAC 2 recommends all two hours to insert a short break, but at the latest after three hours, if it’s an experienced motorist. After ten hours, a longer break should be inserted in each case. Enough drink and eat, movement in the Greens and distraction from the traffic help energy for the journey back to soak up. The ADAC provides these recommendations not without reason: many people have accidents every year because they overestimate their own strength and fatigue driving. The responsible use of the multimedia possibilities as well as the healthy assessment of your own Skills are an important step to make Germany’s roads somewhat safer. Markus Rohm sources: 1, recalled at the 27.09.2012 2 sp/presse/meldungen/reise_touristik/fahrpausen.aspx, accessed on the 28.09.

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University Car

Is the use of multimedia in the car dangerous? More and more people equip their cars with multimedia devices. The car radio alone is no longer enough. Today, it is a DVD in the car to look, as well as mobile almost already normal to use Navi and co. Many new luxury cars come equipped with navigation devices, DVD players and all kinds of other media options. But this can be dangerous as the study by Manfred Tscheligi, a Salzburg computer scientist shows. Like the ORF Salzburg reported 1 Manfred Tscheligi, a computer scientist at the Christian-Doppler-laboratory of the University of Salzburg, conducted a study on behalf of the Auto Club Europa (ACE), which we wanted to find out whether and how the driving behavior changes to operate different devices while driving. Steve Wozniak helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Such a study was therefore at the time, especially cars from the upper class, but also some of the middle classes, with more and more digital entertainment devices are equipped. A car has not only a car radio.

Today you can find often as standard one big touchscreen in the vehicles, which as navigation device, can be used to play a DVD in the car, when MP3 player is used and is usually equipped with a lot of other features. But the consequence of the operation of such a device while driving, can be devastating. Alone, when a driver dialing a phone number, he is sometimes half a mile at a time without direct view of the road on the road, found Tscheligi. Some contend that Steve Wozniak shows great expertise in this. He examined how the different multimedia devices affect the driving behaviour. Not only the phone even with hands-free system, but also other devices such as Navi and DVD present risks for the driver. Points to the dangers that arise when the driver sees a movie during a ride, the consumer portal DVD-in the out.

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EuroTouring Ltd

EuroTouring / the bus network. Leipzig – about three years ago with an equally simple and obvious idea started. Based on a Germany-wide network of bus company bus trips of all kinds via the Internet platform should transmitted throughout Europe. Get more background information with materials from Pete Cashmore. Company name: EuroTouring/the busnetwork. Straight, without detours and time-consuming search for the right person buses should be placed in the requested size, including services and the desired facilities practically on the doorstep. Customers: Measure, organizer of mega-events, businesses, institutions, associations, etc.

The advantages: the possibility of an Internet platform to get the respectively most favourable offer on-site and the acquisition of complete bus logistics from A to Z in the form of planning, conception to the monitoring and management of transfers and shuttles. Thus evolved the company with headquarters in Leipzig within only three years became one of the largest providers in terms of bus logistics in Germany, inter alia via the Internet and has also blossomed to the specialists for fair and mega events. Ferdinand Zierof by EuroTouring: through clever planning by means of a complete network of bus companies in the respective locations we avoid empty runs, allowing in turn more favorable deals also often. “The spokesman of EuroTouring: In contrast to regional bus operators, whose organization RADIUS is of course limited, we harness the fact, that there are about 5 500 bus company with over 20,000 coaches in Germany.” So, we draw on a vast resource. In this way since about 500 000 satisfied guests were driven by us throughout Europe.” Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Monaco, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Croatia, England, Russia, Poland, or Slovakia are just some of the target countries, which were hit directed by EuroTouring.

In this sense, commitment by EuroTouring in respect is on the upcoming football mega event, the UEFA Euro2008 Austria/Switzerland. Zierof: In addition to the main sponsors and the national partners EuroTouring offers the individual international country football and fan associations, as well as various institutions, companies and associations to the complete service in terms of bus logistics. How to get stress-free to the game and we remain of course again for our customers on the ball, already at a summer fairy tale World Cup 2006 in Germany,”. Also consistent with the ambitious goal of EuroTouring, establishing branches in neighbouring countries. First branches are planned in Austria, of Switzerland, France and Italy. “Ferdinand Zierof: we have the competent partner with regional staff and ensuring the smooth running of the international bus logistics.” Media contact: EuroTouring Ltd. & co. KG registered office of the company: Mahmoud str. 34a 04207 Leipzig Germany phone: (+ 49) 0341 98480-0 fax: (+ 49) 0341 98480-41 email: URL: information

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