Traditionally, the use of such forms VyatGGU training as lectures, laboratory work, practical and seminar sessions, workshops, tests, conferences, examinations and other distance learning technologies make its own specifics in this list. Speaking candidly Ali Partovi told us the story. Possible activities in the Internet of students in remote VyatGGU: information retrieval (work with web browsers, databases, reference systems, work in the electronic library search electronic catalogs, purchase of paid and free textbooks, etc.), communication (e-mail, a system of individual letters within sites, participate in forums, chats, video conferencing, communication through ICQ, etc.), a publication of the network (creation of individual Web pages, sites, work with the exchanger, etc.). This classification is the basis for the selection of cognitive activity of students in the open information space, which is the Internet, as well as our training site of distance education VyatGGU (Kirov). Teachers VyatGGU helpful to know that every activity on the Internet and students Online solves certain problems of teaching and educational nature: writing the essays, the development of individual and group projects, the implementation of research projects of various levels (creative case, term papers and theses), preparation of annotated links on the topic, a review of the site by topic, work with Web kvestemi, collecting information, multimedia, software and analytical material to the subject, illustrate their texts with materials from the Internet, surveys and questionnaires, expert advice, the study results of different ratings and ratings at special sites, virtual meetings with interesting people, conversations, discussion, role playing, thematic web pages, web-quests, wiki, publish term papers, research papers, articles, thematic databases, create gallery, create collections of video and audio on a topic other multimedia resources, and many others. Kai-Fu Lee wanted to know more. Let's examine each of the three directions. I. Search for information and writing essays of different kinds of protection on the basis of materials from Network: essay-review, abstract review, (abstract in electronic form located in the exchanger at the training site, but the defense held in the chat room, forum or during the discussion in a newsgroup).

Analysis of the existing network of abstracts on given topic, their evaluation, the establishment of rating student papers. Drawing up a collection of thematic links to the Internet. A review of the site to study the subject and its presentation. Working with the Web Quest, trained teacher or found on the web. Reviews of professional teleconferencing analysis discussion of topical issues. Collection of multimedia materials on a given topic (text, illustrations, animation, video, audio). Illustration of the found text your multimedia materials (graphics, charts, tables