Jaime Laz signed and headed for the door in search of their freedom but the thick voice was softened a once obtained the firm why, Laz? He asked, – you were one of the best, most qualified – continued with the security of an answer going, Laz, has achieved that the portal is visited by an interesting market for the company, prepared, educated people segment, her salon was one of the most frequented and general conversation kept a really satisfactory level for visitors, we receive congratulations for the typology of the fellow members. It was a good job, why, Laz,? why-asked by way of conclusion. Friend is not to be illegal – murmured Laz by opening the door to abandon controls and the building of glass, for a taxi on a dull Street in Brussels that away you from there and closer to the airport where a plane would lead him to Barcelona and Celia. Jaime Laz had spent day after day, for eighteen months, talking with strangers and in a few hours would face the worst conversation of his life, contacted Celia by email to cite in a cafe in Paseo de Gracia, was the last thing you did on a computer, read the message of it, simple and simple, just one you hope to confirm the meetinghis mind began cramming of lines written on a white and luminous screen similar to the heavens that permeated the aircraft and a deep sleep resembling tiredness won him until you hear a flight attendant message informing of arrival at your destination. The target – thought while the taxi took him to Celia – may be her fate. Jaime Laz had left Brussels, a well-paid job but questionable professional reputation, not to say zero reputation, but that year and a half was the period of time necessary for their children to find a job and was now free, He could do anything if Celia accepted him, if, as he sensed, she loved him.