The voyage of singers, and Barbara Gandiaga, are two texts where the author exercises with master the craft, where, according to the author: the dramatic text is, first and foremost, a continuous surprise, a discovery in itself. Barbara Gandiaga, poetic text, makes a jewel of dramaturgy. A dramatic text where the identity of a people is starting to review, where the struggle for the persist becomes spinal cord in the midst of a land of amnesias assumed or enforced. Barbara Gandiaga. The icon. The myth. The possibility of a continuity.

The heroine of crime and condemns in the Mission of Santo Tomas. A cry to the silence in which Jose Ruiz Mercado and Hugo Salcedo, coincide in time and its shape. Let us not forget is the cry of a ghost woman in Memorial of April, Ruiz Mercado, who makes fuss in space, broken at once, from a dispersed city itself. Hybrid. Objectified.

Museum showcase piece, seen a thousand times, but never defined in its essentiality how find us in the ideal? How to grow a conscience limited assumed ignorance? Jose Ruiz Mercado proposed the revision of a metropolis. From the poet to the playwright. The female figure in the work of the doer of actions is Medullary construction of scenic spot literary. Strong women who question, propose. Life matrons, midwives death. As a lamp and its white light walking hand with Dona Concha, the Cook, the Immaculate Virgin so pure that only you can conceive witch, the fairy of peoples with apron instead of gauzy silk. The symbol of a collectivity as the of the monologues of the feast or perhaps the replanteadora of the identity of a village in spilt honey. A work where the woman has the strength to recompose the universe. Susana San Juan is echoed in his childhood as an excuse to talk about cultural syncretism that Juan Rulfo envisioned in his Pedro Paramo.