It is so pleasant to drink tea, talk, flip through a magazine and just feed the children porridge. Shade – one of the most remarkable attributes of the 'old' life. However, this lamp can be quite modern. Pick up the lampshade to match the color of the walls and curtains, then a kitchen ensemble will be more coherent. Shade does not necessarily have hanging low over the table, let it be a mobile light, which in one motion falls and rises above the table. In the power lamp light central kitchen can be an interesting detail of the interior, which attracts attention.

This is especially important if the facades of the kitchen a calm muted colors, and you want to make the room bright colors. The editorial board of 'Buy' advice to choose new curtains to the original pattern and lamp, which will be combined with the color and style. Simple forms of lighting fixtures for the kitchen is always justified by the practical purpose of the room. So here are relevant and fixtures in the form of balls, and reminiscent of the cones and just a very large frosted lamps at 100 watts, Threaded into the cartridge. It will be interesting to look Tension system with multiple lamps. The system allows to move and deploy spotlights in the right direction as you please. The only condition – the system should not impede the normal movement of the kitchen (when mounting from floor to ceiling) and opening doors of cabinets (horizontally strung guides).