General view of reality trachea dela Venezuelan business scenario faces serious problems relating to productivity, where many of its businesses have closed, others do it with a very low capacity, as well as lasagna is those who have not grasped the opportunities that national government itself has created with his actions, including the aperturaa of a new foreign trade policy that has led to alliances, conventions, treaties are an opportunity for companies to penetrate new markets, has not seen the College of Management Administrators should venture activities, opinions enabling them to make themselves known, as an institution that unionized managers, administrators can collaborate with companies to help meet the challenges trachea achieve their objectives, providing solutions, managers, administrators capacitadosa for address the situation and generate responses that give way to the changes needed to ensure dynamism in the business sector. Consider that the management is a science of universal, applicable in any area that human activities, which can be used in different cultures, which seeks the satisfaction of corporate goals through the implementation of operations through the use of various resources idea for obtaining results greater efficiency, Ela little effort as possible and the best effectiveness. There is no denying that the administration is essential in any organized cooperation and at any level of organization of a company or institution. Knowledge of basic principles and techniques of management have a strong influence on the practice of it, to improve and simplify it, especially when given effect to the human and therefore to increase the progress of man must keep face of changing conditions and provide review and imagination.