It is important to diversify the forms of if lecionar and if carrying through tasks. It must be remembered also that the success of a pupil in the performance of a task coinciding with the learning of a content, generally is related what it thinks to be capable to make. Rich examples of diverse activities exist in accordance with the content to be studied in innumerable books. Musics and films are useful and productive resources in the development of the abilities of listening (to hear) and understanding (understanding). Projects, tasks and debates, guided for the professor will give to the learning the conquest sensation and cooperate very to the security that the pupil needs for the domain of the studied language. The environment creation that helps to live deeply the seen content will make with that it rolls-plays (to act in the situations proposals) happen with bigger efficiency.

It is important to stand out the contributions of the new technologies of information and communication that are to ours to make use as the Internet that in provides to access the all type to them of information in attractive way, fast and that it is day to day part of our pupils. The applications of the resources of the Internet as research, games and situations that can be boarded in the use of small videos, have been of great value and have helped to the professor it to awake in the pupil the factor ' ' significado' ' that it is probably the isolated factor more important to contribute for the success and the rapidity of the learning. The more significant the task, more easy is to learn. Still serving itself of the computer, a great contribution in is guaranteed with the Power point to them. With the resources of PowerPoint we can elaborate presentations with slides special, I contend animaes, photos, colors, etc.