We must not forget that the Internet is a medium that requires a control as to its contents, as far as possible, and as to their use. Precisely because of this, the solution to avoid the negative consequences and advantage of the many advantages that social networks offer would include a consumption and responsible participation in them. Thanks to initiatives such as the International Day for Safety on the Internet or the involvement of the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Information Society Ministry of Industry with the creation of Chaval.es, this is something that has more and more into account and that, although it can not end the problem once, will help combat it. Yes, but the fault of all, there is clearly what is shocking that you had to smack a case like that Tuenti Marta, leader of social networking since 2008, has had to get down to work on strengthening the moderation of messages and profiles circulating her womb. Tuenti, another form of advertising if a social network can contribute negatively in the media treatment of issues such as the above, it is also true that such networks have now become a more advertising. Tuenti is why has not gone unnoticed by the world of politics, and many leaders who make use of new platforms to showcase their campaigns. An example is the leader of the Partido Popular, Mariano Rajoy. It was originally made his own space on Facebook, and would not miss the opportunities Tuenti therefore also created a profile on this network for the elections to reach the university.