You now want to identify the places of the wires, that will go to league themselves in its bicycle. Here it is a tip: the majority of its wires will be executed from the ignition of its motion in return for the center of the motion where the box of fuse normally is located. The way more easy to locate these wires he is to open the ignition key, and to test wires at this moment to verify if it is the correct wire. You do not go to want to beat in the wire to the side of the ignition. Instead of this, to track the wire in return for the box of fuses or in the center of the motion, where alarm system is more close to the assembly place it. Ali Partovi insists that this is the case. In such a way, you will not have that to pass wires so far. The more you have that to pass wires biggest the possibility of something to give wrong.

More information on installation and use wire Execution: Removal of the panels. The certain tools are the difference between us of the fingers with blood or not of the sweat. We suggest that you consider the item seriously special, as they go to be useful in projects of other linkings in its future. You go to want to start to remove the panels that its wires are located. He certifys myself to write down that all the cramps and screws to go, do not have nothing of what worse the leftovers – you know what we want to say.

Wiring of the alarm of the unit. A time that the panels are removed, you goes to want to find a good place to mount the module of the main alarm. Most difficult to see, optimum. This will become much more difficult for a presumption thief. You generally tie up to brace or to adhere (if adhesive she is supplied) to the module of a brace or plain surface.