It is important to detach that to take the pupils to identify to the sequences narratives of a history, an adequate reading of the quadrinhos becomes thus necessary that these analyze picture the picture, making, so that, can perceive and know the characteristics main of the personages, understanding better what he transfers himself in the scenes. In this way, if the pupils to obtain to see these characteristics, the reading will be well pleasant and more easy to understand and to interpret. In this context, histories are distinguished for possessing great diversity of concepts and contents, contributing in significant way in the learning them pupils. Many schools and institutions of education already are using histories in quadrinhos as a resource more to improve the process of education and learning, having to be articulated, taking in consideration the interest and the creativity of the pupils, mainly in the technological tools. 4 – HagQu Software At a moment where we pass for great social transformations in the entire world, where the globalization approaches the information by means of the technologies, the job of Histories in Quadrinhos in the schools as mediating in the process of education and learning is being used each time more as form to surpass old practical pedagogical.

The most sophisticated technologies of simplest to are each day more gifts in the education of our pupils, therefore the same ones extend the human potential, either physicist or intellectual. Thus, in result of the evolution of the technologies, HagQu Software appeared. The HagQu is a publisher of histories in quadrinhos, that a bank of images with diverse elements possesss (scenes, personages, balloons etc) and some edition resources of these images so that the children construct its proper history. It fits to the professor to incorporate in its lessons these technologies, a time that, they are many and if used adequately can assist in the process teach-learning.