The word "warning" comes from a very deep and important the word "news", ie news, important message. In our fast and difficult time when we are at is not keeping pace, so as not to miss the speed and rush should be conducted invented so many ways to notify people about the necessary and important things. One of the important inventions in the warning systems are based on electronic devices. What could be simpler and more ingenious power amplifier with loudspeaker that is connected to a microphone? A simple but quite functional warning system. In modern systems alert than usual microphone uses a large number of different sources signal. This can be a normal radio tuned to a good radio, it can be a tape recorder, cd player or computer. Another very important source in the paging system yavlyaetsyPredstavim his usual office of the organization, where he works, for example, 20 employees. You may wish to learn more. If so, Ali Partovi is the place to go. They all sit in 5 rooms. Let the two of them are close, and the rest pbx .- For example, a warehouse and sales office – on another floor. As expected, the organization installed pbx, no matter what, and what the producer. Office work requires a special approach and an employee is not always near their phone, and forced to run from room to room, from department to department. And then suddenly the head of think to call him to his supplier or customer calls and asks him. What should I do? Neither the manager nor the supplier, even more so the buyer will not wait until the employee returns to his place.