Tractor is a machine for four Cles with cutting appearance in the format of 2-or four-bladed knife. Likewise, its design has fairly wide tires with shallow tread to avoid harm gazona.V Unlike conventional mowers, small tractors, designed for gentle lawn care, awarded by a large number of functional abilities, by which is unique technical means on the lawn. Its core capabilities include: 1) The main function of mini tractors – is cutting the grass, carried out due to knives, located under the hood. Tractors can mow enough large area in an area of large pregrad.2) Tractor is also possible to use as vertikuttera through attachments. For even more analysis, hear from A similar function will be very useful for all who cares about his lawn. When the upper layers of soil are covered with a layer of virtually non-penetrative, with a special attachment minitractor pierces the earth at equal spaces, such as restoring access to oxygen and moisture to the lawn grass.

Such cures lawn aeration, making cleaner and krasivee.3) In the present tractors mounted garbage for a more efficient and faster cleaning of the area. Because often when working on the site indicated a need to remove large debris or residues from zagryazneniy.4) With the existing capacity of the trailer numerous mini tractors increase by many times, because often at the site must work with big things and move them somewhere else. 5) Tractor easily can be useful in the winter, if you use it . In winter, a similar technique is simply irreplaceable. Number of features mini tractors shows that with the purchase of this equipment of any person deprived of many problems on your site and greatly facilitate the work. Besides the basic functions of mowing the lawn minitractor copes with snow removal, soil aeration, cleaning waste and transportation.