Now more and more people begin their acquaintance with unjustly deprived of proper attention visualizer mental ray, the included software 3d studio max, and hence free. Ali Partovi has firm opinions on the matter. When I first met him in the second version of 3ds max, then while still quite green trideshnikom without the internet, picked at it, poked, but so do nothing coherent I did not succeed. Not really helped and helpovsky file with the lessons of 3ds max, because on my license disk is not very there was no scene files for these lessons. It is unfortunate that the internet and I was not there, otherwise we would avoid many mistakes. In the wake of the public obsession with popular visualizer VRay, I also joined him. He became standard for rendering interiors and exteriors.

But with his bunch of obscure settings can deal indefinitely, and the result is quite unpredictable. In the meantime, was released the next version of 3ds max – 2008. And then people began to understand that why you need something a third-party, something to quack or, in extreme cases, to buy when there is already a complete, intuitive, high-quality renderer – mental ray. Unfortunately, the lessons it there is at times less than in VRay. Still, I managed to find high-quality lessons in mental ray. He was incredibly happy when wandering the web in search of new and interesting lessons came to a good site for 3D-graphics. The site features rare Lessons for rendering in mental ray.

A collection of teaching materials is a course of lessons. The first thing I recommend to pay attention to the lesson for the visualization of the interior in mental ray. Here, in the course of the lesson covers the basic adjust the lighting and rendering the room. If you think that a quality rendered in mental ray interior is not possible, err. It makes no sense to install VRay and re-mount manual. Everything is already there at the max. For beginners – the most it. I, in particular, to fulfill the order of a famous jewelry company for rendering of diamonds and other precious stones needed to create caustics in mental ray. Based on this lesson I settings were made and the process of rendering. The process of creating materials of precious stones in mental ray, shaders, lighting and rendering. The resulting diamonds are easily confused with the real thing. The result looks amazing. If you still doubt whether the mental ray to perform tasks that you have decided to VRay, hesitate away. Mental ray is able to easily digest the heavy scene and produce photorealistic image. Not for nothing that Hollywood film companies often use it to create computer graphics in his films. In these cases, VRay will look simply ridiculous joke J Therefore I propose to evaluate the possibility of a visualizer and myself to decide whether go to mental ray.

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