There are many SpongeBob games based on the hit cartoon series. It is simple to do so since if that series is characterized by something it is for being a hymn to imagination, and therefore the possibilities that it opens for video games are infinite. Imagination to power both in the SpongeBob games series we can see details as a sponge bath is a living being who dive for the bottom of the sea and does not swell or sinking; a squirrel also lives in the same medium. The creatures of this world traveling by car or make games of motorcycle racing. They have no relationship among themselves nor in terms of interests or in regard to be of the same species or simply of a same group with any physical or biological affinity, since objects are mixed with animals and even plants that move. Disconcerts the adults so much fantasy.

Targeting us games tend to be more realistic, for example the motorbike games consist of emulate a career or a real Championship trial or Motocross; they are not so imaginative. The Sponge Bob games They carried the maximum something old is already certain that cartoons have not characterized in general by being afraid to jump the barriers of reality. We have traditional mice who speak and feel like humans, cats that handle armament type ACME, fantastic beings, cars that fall in love. But the case of Bob Esponja gives one leap because they have no fear of anything. A failure could be envisaged by reductio ad absurdum, and however kids love. Probably because the drawings depict a world such which could be on a child head: without any limit or barrier to the imagination.

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