In the video game industry the development, marketing and sale of video games revolves around. Video games are among people of all ages of popular. Games that were accurately translated and perfectly matched to the target market ensure worldwide pure gaming fun. Demand makes increasingly aware of the value and the importance of translation and localization of its products game developers for entertainment software. Translation of video games to meet highest demands on quality in this area, must have a translation company have the following resources: hdbullet internal, native experts who ensure an optimal localization and adaptation of text hdbullet linguistically qualified and technically experienced translators, text and audio content precisely deliver experts who have technical background knowledge and the technical and product-specific terminology (around on consoles, Platforms, accessories etc.) master hdbullet an internal IT team of software specialists, who are familiar with all popular platforms (including PC, Mac, Nintendo Wii, Xbox and PSP) and mobile employees, the CAT tools (computer aided translation) and TMT (translation memory tools) is efficiently used employees who handle many different formats including source and database files and can supply the finished translation in the format requested by the customer hdbullet a Department, which is responsible for the quality assurance and ensures that standards of quality and delivery deadlines are respected localization of video games the term localization “refers to the linguistic and cultural adaptation ensures that all aspects of a video game from the packaging tailored to the software to each target market. The localization of video games includes several important areas: linguistic localization package texts, product descriptions, manuals, instructions, tutorials, support, hardware and software specifications, subtitles, in-game texts software localization Web sites, animations, user interfaces, scripts localization of graphics, audio and video game developers know that only good translated and localized products fun guarantee and can be successfully marketed.