After demonstrating a few tricks you carelessly drop your left hand into the left outer pocket and take out the playing card – say, this will be the ace of diamonds. At this point of the breast pocket of your jacket itself in itself shows exactly the same card. With bewilderment take both cards in your hand and looking at them. "It is strange …" – pronounce you and show both cards to the audience. Again, putting it into his pocket and took out a one more card – For example, The Queen of Spades. From his breast pocket at the same moment there is another queen of spades. This trick can be repeated several times.

The secret of focus is the following – for his performance, you'll need two identical decks cards, string and cardboard box-holder. It needs to do it myself, the size of the box must match the size of the cards. It should fit as many cards as you demonstrate. It should be enough plane that is not bulging pocket. Prepares two sets of cards stacked in the same order. One set put in the lower pocket of his jacket, and the second – in the case, who are hiding in the outer pocket.

K inner edge of the box is attached thread, with a needle she passed under the lining of his jacket and goes into the bottom pocket cards. At that moment, when you pull the card out of the bottom pocket, you pull on the end of the thread, thus resulting in motion a kind of "lift", which raises the case from his breast pocket with the cards. You draw a card from his breast pocket with his right hand, covering his fingers and thumb together case pushes the cards in place. Before the demonstration of this focus should be good to rehearse it in front of a mirror. Here you can learn other interesting tricks!

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