With maximizing of sense of profit maximizing new ways for the world of work in times of shortage and low birth rates companies face major challenges. They need to go new ways to attract the highly educated young. At the same time it can afford no company to fallow the potentials of its existing employees. Was for talent is obtained mainly from the inside out. How exactly, describe the authors Christina Bosenberg and Bernhard Kuppers in her book “The focus is employees”. In it they sketch the prerequisites for the sustainability of companies. And my: who wants to be has to offer especially one its employees sense. 125 billion euros.

The loss, has to cope with the German economy due to internal terminations per year is so high. This number from the commitment of Germany index of Gallup GmbH does one thing quite clear: employees who see no sense in their work and as a result shut down their performance, are not only a social problem. But also a economical. But what needs a company so that employees engage with all their potentials, their ideas and their enthusiasm for the success of the company? And how can it inspire new talents for themselves and in the long term? Bring the different generations under a hat? And this in the information society, an economy in real time. Sense brings commitment sustainable businesses offer a sense that goes beyond the mere production of goods or services, the authors Christina Bosenberg and Bernhard Kuppers. Motivated workers must feel, to contribute to a larger cause. The so-called key players in the labour market, so those highly qualified professionals who have multiple sites to selection, more and more emphasis on the substantive component of the working life.

To bind these professionals and to keep, companies have values beyond money and status. Only if companies of the paradigm shift towards more humanity in the economy, they are in the “War for Talents”, in the battle for professionals, have a decisive advantage. And only they have the chance to fully exploit the potential of the existing staff, successfully to recruit new employees, and to remain viable in the future. The economic non-fiction book ‘The focus is employees’ is available from October 05, 2011 for 39.80 euros at Haufe and in bookstores. Interested in? We are looking forward to your orders and requests! Either under or reply fax: 089-273383-29 Prospero GmbH press and public relations mailing address P.o. box 140326 80453 Munich

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