High resolution, multimedia capabilities, high-quality picture and reasonable price – these are the three components of success of modern visualization tools. When we are talking about computer monitors do not always mean device whose function is only one display of information. Today, the monitor is more a center of a home media system and that this monitor is BenQ M2400HD Introduction One of the novelties of the firm BenQ – Widescreen 24 "Full hd Monitor M2400HD, fit and gamers and fans to watch a movie from your computer, as well as provide the most comfortable working with applications. Included with the monitor is 2 megapixel camera, which can be used arrange video calls over the Internet. And not just video calling, and this teleconference in hd format – after all no coincidence resolution camera coincides with the resolution matrix screen. Large diagonal 24 "will allow many people abandon individual televisions and switch completely to watch movies from your computer, because the image becomes really large, crisp and attractive.

This is facilitated and enhanced patch Monitor features – input D-Sub, dvi and hdmi will simultaneously connect three different devices, such as computers, laptops and Blu-ray player. In addition, BenQ M2400HD has also built-in acoustics. Technology TN-technology matrix Monitor time-tested. Inexpensive, with fast response time and good color rendition, it is used in many popular models of high-quality monitors. The real contrast of the matrix is higher than average – 1000:1. This is quite enough for comfortable viewing of movies and games.