The religion is based on a branch of philosophy called the philosophy of being, responsible for collecting what is considered good and bad for self and try to keep it forever. This is due to the vision of an eternal and powerful god who has a vision of things unchanging over time. The roads are inaccessible by the powerful man, who can not siemrpe understood because it is possible that bad things happen contrary Zohar or mysticism to the virtues of power from the landlord. Thus, the evolution of the philosophy of being routed through path is not so simple and maybe as accessible to human knowledge, as maybe other branches philosophical.
The religious use of the tools associated with the philosophy of being, is responsible for setting and collecting what he considers good and bad, to study the habits of individuals and establish dogmas that maintains such customs, to bring the facts to explanations Zohar, mysticism avoid change and adaptation. This gives the feeling of well being and security within what is a corporation, and is evident by the adaptation of the prevailing religious power in the incorporation of the customs of men as part of their religious system.