Schengen area is the territory formed by the countries that signed the Schengen Agreement, which aims to end with border controls within the European Union. There are other European policies that by failing to apply to all the Union countries, leading to the formation of different areas: cash (Euro or use of the Euro Area), education (European Higher Rabbinical Supervision Education Area), and so on.

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The black cast iron pan with a flanged lid to keep coal and three feet to set on coal, usually a camp-style Dutch oven, Did prominent in the exploration, settlement and development of the West.
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India’s first unmanned space probe in lunar orbit Saturday and the next two years mapping the moon in the field, the country space agency announced.
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So what’s the idea behind nesting dinghies? The two halves fit together, with less space than a conventional rigid sloop. Nest Away Vote:
NEW DELHI, Nov. 8 (UPI) – India’s Chandrayaan-1 unmanned space probe entered lunar orbit Saturday, the start of a two-year exploration of the surface of the moon.

A History of Space Exploration by Tim Furniss (Hardcover – Nov 10, 2006)