Customers can expect a lot at the beginning of the year, the onOffice Software GmbH reveals which highlights all customers can expect in 2014. A very special highlight will be onOffice the completely new design of the software smart. In addition customers and prospective customers experience the onOffice team events in 2014 if the road shows, the open house or for the first time at the innovation tour, go in 2014 on the sunny island of Mallorca is? the onOffice team offers its customers always have the possibility to take a look behind the scenes. In the past year were all onOffice customers already the Web-app of the software professionals use. But this year, customers can expect the onOffice iOS app for iPhones specifically. All customers in the future to provide an even better service and even better performance, the onOffice Software GmbH in 2014 continues to invest in expanding its server.

Last but not least the onOffice team calls itself the date 7 / 8.11.2014 in the calendar to highlight thick. With pulses of the real estate industry starts the real estate software Manufacturer the premiere of the series of events: business beats. We look forward to the year 2014 and are thrilled how our customers will respond to our new products..