How do you understand that we are in this article will focus on the banners. At my practice I have seen too many virus programs. Here we discuss the specific "viral advertising banner." One of the most common banner which opens on your desktop, while fully closing the desktop. What should I do? Try to understand … Credit: Mashable-2011. The main thing – never send SMS payments. The Internet offered a lot of ways solutions to this problem. We focus on one and in all my cases, the only effective way. The virus enters a computer as an application file type: porno_video.avi.exe It replaces the windows boot process explorer.exe In order to remove this file should be in a program of Live CD – ERD system.

Load the system from it. After afford any built-in File Manager, find the folders porno_video.avi.exe in which you can download the file. Find delete, reboot the system normally. When loading windows will not open the desktop, and simply show a background image. This is not frightened, no need to re install the operating system. Do this: On the keyboard press the keys win + u open the manager of special features. In this window there is a link to go to the site of microsoft, press, and the browser opens.

In the address bar of your browser write: C: Windows egedit.exe Start Registry Editor. It's simple we find this path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWinlogon option Shell. In this case, the value here is C: …. porno_video.avi.exe completely replace the line on explorer.exe and again restart your computer. On the next boot all will work. I advise you to put a good antivirus and do not go to questionable web pages.

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