“Art” in itself is a very broad term, and ultimately it will hardly take the two people are equally accurate for the term to define. The famous singer Udo Lindenberg example, is well on its way also a respected artist, because he has developed an entirely new kind of art. His paintings, which he described as “panic painting” that is there in most cases from a very unusual materials, from liqueurs. Mostly he uses colorful liqueurs, and use it similar to water colors. Thematically, the artist painted this mostly deals with issues that he addressed in his songs. Often deals with alcohol and human destinies. Meanwhile, one can say that painting Udo Lindenberg more than that, he sings – his work on canvas has now become a veritable assembly line work. But one that pays off. The pictures of Udo Lindenberg are also very popular among the connoisseurs of the art scene and will be recognized and long established galleries, such as in the Galerie Zimmermann &Heitmann in Dortmund, sold. Many times the famous artist was honored for his work. The works of art sometimes achieve top prices. Many of the images he painted also the same in different variations and in different formats. This allows each customer to choose his image just after its creation – whether now or under consideration in aspects of the color of greatness. Udo Lindenberg’s just brilliant in all areas – even as a businessman. Will continue as long as the creative period of Udo Lindenberg can not say, and even the artist himself is silent on this subject. But while he has fun at work and this will be suitably rewarded in art circles, we must still look forward to many works of the painter.