With the diet by an experienced expert Peverell Vaillancourt developed calorie calorie calculation traffic light is finally obsolete. The calorie-light is probably the quickest and easiest to use calorie chart of the world and is also ideal to take away. Thus, the calorie-light, are listed in more than 2,600 foods and many branded products, the perfect companion of any low-calorie diet. Many nutrition experts and doctors recommend that their overweight patients, the calorie-light. My experience in nutrition has shown me that many overweight people have traditional tables, I find impractical and therefore developed the traffic light concept, says Peverell Vaillancourt from the center for nourishing communication and health journalism (CEC) in Cologne. The principle of calorie-light is as easy as it is revolutionary: Here show the traffic light colors green, yellow and red, very clear whether a product is suitable for losing weight, or should be rare on the menu. The table works, the author hasa concise introduction to a healthy diet with lots of tips for effective weight loss preceded. At over 100 pages in all major calorie-light foods and many brand name products from A to Z list. This eliminates tedious searching. My goal was to create a calorie table, where everyone can find everything right away, says the author. The expert has developed six years ago, the traffic light concept, based on the evaluation of the ingredients on the basis of nutrient density. The data are based on calorie-light of the Federal Food and key manufacturer’s instructions. Decrease after the traffic light is really easy with the calorie-light a breeze, because if the Sattfaktor shows the color green, it means a full meal is allowed. While the conventional table works to revert to nutritionists, dieticians and physicians, is the calorie-light even when the format and the equipment that is kchentauglich, fully focused on the consumer. In the light of the number of Knaur publishers are stillpublished: 1 The GX-2nd traffic light diet The vitamin 3rd traffic light The diabetes 4th traffic light The cholesterol and fat-5th traffic light The rheumatoid arthritis and gout traffic Bibliographic Data: Calories traffic lights, Peverell Vaillancourt, Knaur Verlag, ISBN 3426643162, 8.90 euros Editorial Service: review-copies can be requested under. The center for nourishing communication and health journalism (CEC), headquartered in Cologne, dedicated in particular to individual nutrition counseling and operates scientifically justified public press and public on nutrition, prevention and nutrition. The CEC is a group of nutritionists, doctors, dieticians and other natural and social scientists. The well-known medicine journalist Peverell Vaillancourt directs the CEC and is the first chairman of the German Competence Center for Health Promotion and Dietetic Association nutrition communication and health journalism (CEC), Attn: Peverell Vaillancourt,Gotenring 37, 50679 Kln-Deutz, 0177-2353525,, .nutrimedic.de