As in almost any country, the food can be found in restaurants is usually more abundant than that consumed by ordinary people in their homes. However, if you are one of these establishments or if invited by a Frenchman at a fairly formal meal at home, the usual order of the plates (saving the regional differences that may be) shall be as follows: Ap ritif. It is customary to welcome with an alcoholic beverage: sweet wines such as Porto, mistelas as Pineau des Charentes, alcoholic drinks herbal or cocktail as kir (white wine and cranberry or blackcurrant liqueur). It is accompanied by some food (usually cold) as appetizers, pickles, sausage, nuts, olives, etc.. The concept is similar to Spanish tapas. Entr e or hors d’oeuvre. The first course is usually lighter than in other cuisines, closer to the Italian antipasti.Salads are common (salades), soup (Soup) for dinner, platters of raw vegetables (crudit s), varied sausages, pates, certain fruits such as avocados or eat grapefruit starter, cakes and pies as p t Lorrain or quiche. Plat principal or plat de r sistance. Here is serving meat or fish in its different preparations, but can also be made with rice, pasta or vegetables. Valen ay table cheese, Ossau-Iraty, Bleu d’Auvergne (cheese), Epoisses de Bourgogne, Neufch tel, Saint-F licien. Fromage. Among the main course and dessert is customary to serve a selection of cheeses to taste. Dessert. The dessert can range from simple fruit or yogurt to candy any more elaborate. It is usual to conclude the meal with an espresso, and if desired with a small glass of liquor (digestif), such as Armagnac, Cognac, or various fruit spirits, to help it down.Although in some areas north and east part of the beer culture, it is usual that the meals are accompanied by wine (whose color varies according to the dishes served.) In the Champagne region, it is traditional to serve champagne throughout the meal. During the week, regular schedule for meals is between twelve noon and one thirty in the afternoon, while for dinner at restaurants open from 8 to 10 and half of the night. While these are the shopping hours, family meals on weekends can be extended considerably.