And for the record that on vacation, nothing, it was not possible, since neither we are dedicated to banking or politics, only characters who this year have been going on vacation good. But this is something we are not going to play, because at least here, is irrelevant. Comment that, as usual, and without a precedent, we have not (yet), find support, sponsor, sponsor, etc. Things are bad, they say in Cuba, and at this stage, we should be preparing the equipment and luggage, we are still waiting for a sponsor of the sky falling, but that I no longer possible, the only thing falling sky is water, where no ice, so we’re going to have to rely on our own, which only contributes to further delay the start of this blogcumental.What can we do, s tough, we were unable to adequately document the carnival guajiro, hurricanes, luckily, at least until the time of this writing, have been nothing spectacular or destructive harvesting, migration of various birds from Florida and the Gulf of Mexico, and so on. … Anyway, better not think about it. Anyway, do not lose hope and possibly in the next three months we get support, you never know. And if we do not find, as he or they will lose. The problem is to get our share of funding going to take us a few months. So we ask all our visitors and supporters a little patience, we do what we can to bring this project to fruition, even without help. For now, what it does mention that we lost today was the carnival, to attend the beginning of the school and the controversial concert of Juanes, Victor Manuel, Los Van Van, Miguel Bose and Luis Eduardo Aute, among others, in Havana.