Financing, payment in installments, installments or finance purchase – no matter how known – are becoming increasingly popular. And not just because the financial health of the citizens in recent years has disappeared, but also because for many consumers, it is more convenient and easier. When buying heating oil, in addition to the convenient monthly installments also the great advantage that much when ordering the entire annual requirement over a smaller subset ordered cheaper and thus the cost of financing is typically more than can be reabsorbed. So the price is purchase of 3000 liters is usually cheaper by about 3 cents / liter than at 1000 liter batches. Thus, 90 euro will be saved, which are at the present level in about the cost of financing. In addition, the customer can order heating oil when the price of its opinion, is most favorable. Differences in the course of more than ten cents per liter are reported almost every year. Because it makes a difference when the oil is stored. In FastEnergy, the greatOnline marketer of heating oil that is certified as the sole online provider in this segment by an auditing firm (Trusted Shops), the purchase of fuel oil on the installment now being offered for almost a year and also well received by customers. A preliminary review has already taken place online during the ordering process, so that our customers know within a very short time, if his application is approved. The process is very simple and the fuel delivery can normally be made within days.