Asatru, Viking Poetry, New Wave, Punk, Folk Pagan and Viking Metal satr arf lagi founder, Sveinbj rn Beiteinsson, was one of the great traditional poets. The traditional Scandinavian poetry called R mur. During the 70s and 80s, was Beiteinsson Sveinbj rn groups working with new wave, Icelandic punk and industrial rock. The artists who contributed were the Psychic TV eyr, Killing Joke, Kukl, Sugarcubes (groups in which the artist was singer Bj rk), Frostbite and Purkur Pilnikk. Sveinbj rn always had a keen interest in youth. The current Hilmar rn Hilmarsson Allsherjargo i was a member of the band Punk eyr and has collaborated with the punk group Psychic TV. Today is dedicated to making soundtracks for movies. The second wave of Asatru Folk rock and can be found in the folk music phenomenon of Scandinavia and Viking Metal: Scandinavian Folk groups recover traditional music-themed pagan Asatru.The reference groups are Hedningarna, Gamarna, Gjallarhorn, and Krauka Valravn. Some of these groups are very popular within the groups and Asatru Scandinavian Forn Sed. The other phenomenon within the rock is found in the Viking Metal, a style that evolved from the Black Metal and Folk. The precursor was Bathory group that has given the lines to the groups that have continued. Within the groups there are many who have continued to respond to the name of this genus: M negarm, Einherjer, Equilibrium, Odroerir, Mithotyn, Svartsot, Heidevolk, Turisas, Thyrfing, Tyr and Amon Amarth. The lyrics of these groups seek a greater or lesser extent topics related to Scandinavian folklore, although many of them deal with many other philosophical issues such as death or fate in life. Among all of these two groups should be emphasized nothing commercial for their dedication to the dissemination of these philosophies: with Vratya Vakya Falkenbach and Windir with Valfar (3 September 1978 – January 15, 2004), or Moonsorrow.These groups, along with a small minority, account for most of the songs stories of Norse mythology, not to widen the songs that perhaps were most successful as songs of war or party, as do, among others, the famous Ensiferum and Korpiklaani. In fact, these groups have argued that the term Viking Metal is not appropriate to describe them. According to them, or even Pagan Metal skaldic are terms that fit much better than his style of music. All this comes from the growing importance of the Nordic culture, which, by the stereotyped image of Viking helmets with horns, or the bloody battles, trying to settle in the same genre in which they are from the first named groups before addressing issues purely pagan. There are also Viking Rock groups, these are headed by Ultima-Thule group who also have a stamp that publish or groups like V lund Glittertind smed.We may note at the scene Viking Rock bands like Hel with (two female vocalists), Midgards S ner, Elgrind or Carolinerna. Out of these modern groups, were within the Heavy Metal Manowar that since 1979 until today remains firmly the ideals of the Viking culture from the hand of Joey DiMaio and Eric Adams.