Calls to the mobile phone can quickly become quite expensive. This has nothing to do with a suboptimal rate have to do. This is the case when one is caught driving a car there when you take a cell phone only in the hand. However, it is completely free of charge if you use the headset as mobile phone accessories for mobile use. Also health, it is essential to use the headset as a convenient cell phone accessories. Because the antenna of the mobile phone is thus further removed from the head. The burden of the electromagnetic field of mobile phones this fall. Therefore, many handset vendors headset as a standard accessory with the sale equally offer. On some models, the headset is on sale is by default a member yet. Are important to the headset snug, comfortable headphones and a lightweight and ergonomic operation. Elastic earhook not press on the ear, are advantageous and convenient. It is also advantageous to be able to wear the ear hook either left or right. Modern Bluetooth technology allows wireless headset with the mobile. connect This is a great advantage and contributes greatly to safety when driving. Especially important is a good sound quality of headsets. The trade offers even special headsets for motorcycle riders. The perfect headset phone accessories can be found in technology markets, and of course the Internet. Due to the large, unwieldy supply it can not hurt if we can advise you. Kl.-M. Meyer