At the beginning of the film the viewer has again the experiences from the movie “Kill Bill Volume 1 freshened up”. The lead actress “Kiddo (Uma Thurman) also mentions, who else is on their bill, which must be settled. The 2 Part is indeed an independent film, but you should at least have seen the first part or informed. Her last opponent in front of Bill, is a guy named Sidewinder, defenseless raises the experienced ex-assassin, incidentally, no one in his way. It will certainly not be easy, because Sidewinder is the brother of Bill. The actor Michael Madsen plays Budd, aka Sidewinder. He lives in the desert in a bad camper. Of course, Sidewinder has been forewarned and Kiddo spirited runs into the trap. A shot from a shotgun, she stretched down, and shortly afterwards a real film follows highlight. The cinema hall is suddenly the coffin, the viewer is sitting in front of a black screen and sounds like Kiddo is buried alive by Sidewinder. But is that really the right solution was disposed of, to KiddoKiddo had learned some time with the best Chinese teacher of all time. Kill Bill 2 thus provides a unique new movie experience. Again, Quentin Tarantino’s unique style comes to light: The unchronologische narrative style, as one knows from his films such as Pulp Fiction. He is one of the few directors who understand how a story so cleverly staged. Conclusion watch: Both parties necessarily, Kill Bill is a cult and a genuine masterpiece by the best current director.