Plow all day long, from morning till late at the office slaving, and continually making overtime – as the everyday look of many career people. However, this way of life is far from healthy: With time, the body begins to defend himself. The number of managers who suffers from the so-called burnout syndrome, is increasing steadily. Also keep a Karrierejob not only to ensure that affected the health of the people affected – no, most will also destroy their privacy. But there are more people who consciously choose against this development and are committed to the so-called down-shifting. Switch back Down Under Shifting () one knows how to set limits on the job and not to run all the loads. Most Down Shifter change so in a job which, although with less responsibility and pay is linked to a poorer, but this is less stressful and more leisure time allows,. For several years, must be held in Germany, too, that the down trend is shifting more and more popular. OriginallyThis trend comes from the U.S., but now he is spreading within Europe. Thus it is mainly the British who are no longer willing to slave away in the break job. In Europe, the British take matters into Downshifting in any case a kind of leadership. In Britain the number of Down Shifter is particularly high – it is so large that there is the issue of Downshifting become a major concern. In Britain, most workers are familiar with the concept – and many workers know all too well. For, in addition to the workers there are also the employers who need to be faced with this development and devise appropriate solutions. Otherwise they run the risk of having to constantly fill some positions with new employees. Because the employee search usually very ornately decorated – and particularly in filling leadership positions – is often associated with high costs, more companies are still working out appropriate measures to implement employee retention.