Early in his political activities in his grade year came in 1994. Before that, he had started political life in the ranks of Democratic Action. He was a member of the Students of the School of Law and Secretary of Sports of the FCU, Regional University Responsible AD, scholarship program director’s salary Ince and a member of the Venezuelan Federation of Basketball. Once sworn in as a lawyer, Pablo Perez began his work guild to join almost immediately to the board of the Bar of the State of Zulia. There he held positions as secretary and vice president, and in 1995 joined the mayor of Maracaibo, Manuel Rosales when Guerrero was elected as mayor of the city. Aware of the importance of their training, Paul began immediately LIGHT graduate studies in the area of public law, even with its many occupations in the municipal administration. To this he added a specialization in Municipal Management Institute of Higher Administration Studies (IESA).Legal Counsel of the City Council, a member of the Committees on Transportation, Collectors and Environmental Sanitation of the city, Metro de Maracaibo, corridors, and the Committee on Sports and Community Development, are among the functions implemented within the municipality Maracaibo. In 2000, Manuel Rosales was elected governor of Zulia State, and Paul Perez was required for various tasks. He was Director of Regional Institute of the Environment, then private secretary to the Office of the Governor, and Secretary of Prevention and Promotion Citizen. Four years later, Paul played an important letter to launch his candidacy for mayor of Maracaibo by the party Un Nuevo Tiempo, with the support of most political organizations in the region. However, the candidate for reelection Gian Carlo Di Martino took the victory.Great knowledge of sports activity, introspective about the value of effort, victory and defeat, accustomed to the pace of team work, Paul continued his career during the second term of Manuel Rosales. Markets program director was Zulia (MEZUL), and in 2006 took over as Secretary of the Interior, serving at times as governor in charge.