Open letter to Cristina Fernando Pe a 29/03/2008 Cristina, gladly. My name is Fernando Pe a, I’m an actor, I have 45 years and I am Uruguayan. I am guilty of not guilty if you do not know me, but I do not really know because I have no doubt that he must be very busy lately working to make this country succeed, commit the formality of presenting. I always think how hard it must be to manage a country … I probably work less than half of what you and I sometimes find myself overwhelmed by the stress and problems. I have a handful of employees, all billed me and I pay VAT, will clarify in case, and that sometimes keeps me awake because they are in my charge. I imagine you! Many millions of people in charge, what a mess, what weariness! The truth is that I would not be in their shoes. Although I confess that I love cross-dressing, I love tacos and some of its shoes are beautiful.Congratulate her on her taste in vestirse.Mi life goes in a fairly normal: a radio job in seven to ten in the morning, usually sleep until after a lunch at my house. I have a maid named Maria, who is with me fifteen years ago and me and delicious home cooking, though sometimes for lunch outside labor issues. Some days I make notes because I have heavier graphics or television or rehearsals, clothing, study the script and prepare the agenda for the next day, but usually I have no life too hectic. My cell phone rings a lot less than theirs, and yet luckily I have one. But I want to tell something that happened last Wednesday. Is that since then my phone never stops ringing: Telefe, Channel 13, Channel 26, newspapers, magazines, Telam … Suddenly everyone wants to talk to me. They always want to talk to me when I shout, and I notice when something ugly happens to me, something bad. When I’m about to release a play-morning, for example, no one calls. For that no one calls.When I am called to die, when I do a “scandal” or in this case, when I bowl for vomiting of Luis D’Elia. D’Elia is that it feels wrong. She feels bad because it is not consistent, you feel bad because he has no peace. Someone who speaks who wants to kill all white, all blond, all who live where he lives, to all who have money, you can not have peace, or have the peace of mind that all began Mengele.Le when I called the house of D’Elia on Wednesday because he wanted to talk quietly with him for Tuesday’s episode: the coup that struck a man in the square. I attended his son, Luis apparently was not there. I asked him just what he thought of what happened. He stammered things without content or compromise and cut. The next day I insisted, since it seemed fair to unload Luis himself.He greeted me with a “what you do, turd ” And began to decompose and vomiting, poor Louis, could not stop vomiting. She vomited so much that I thought it was going to die! I was really very bad, very broken. I wanted to remember the day that the Metro Cinema, when presented his film Debt Lanata, he wanted me to shake hands and it was I who refused. I refused, Cristina, because I do not give out to people who are not good stop, not my style. For me, not being at rest is not consistent, not being faithful. I accept contradictions, accept anger, arguments, obscenities, but I can not stand people who cross their path for a few pesos. I do not share the desire to kill. Deep-seated hatred either. The desire to isolate, to bungle and not confuse people.When I cut, saying: “Bye, dear …”, then the calls started, first of my friends warned me that I would be sent to kill, I was crazy, that way I was going to mess with that guy so close of Kirchner, who has looong D’Elia power, which is extremely dangerous.