In the jungle diet cavort several vendors and sensible / nonsensical schemes for losing weight. Really take advantage of the recommended dietary diversity and food are not one-sided, as many crash diets (for example, apple diet, diet, potato, pineapple and diet are some more). For Schnellditen approaches after the end of the diet of the dreaded yo-yo effect. For who, after a lightning start eating normal diet again, takes you quickly and usually weighs more than before the diet. This is explained very simply: The body recovered after a crash diet, the food very well, because he had ceased to hunger. First rule of a balanced healthy diet is, of course, sport, it keeps you fit, burn energy and build on Muskelmase. If you want to lose weight, you should pay attention to a low fat diet and use a calorie chart. Outset, one should calculate their daily calorie needs and his BMI (Body Mass Index). The daily requirement of calories for each person is different, for he who sits in the office usesfewer calories, like someone who works physically. In addition, you can use the following formula, this only applies to adults: 1 Gruppeneinteilung 2nd Basic needs assessment 3rd Determination of the award for physical activities 4 Sum of basic needs and the award for physical activity daily requirement of calories 1st = Of groups: * Group 1 – light physical work (eg office work), not a sport * Group 2 – moderate physical labor (eg courier service) is not a sport * Group 3 – hard physical work (eg heavy craft) or physical labor gem. Group 2 and a lot of sport 2 Basic needs: * Height in centimeters x 10 3. Determining award for physical activity (see groups): * Group 1 + 10% + 30% * Group 2 * Group 3 + 60% Example calculation: height 1.70, activity in the office of groups: Group 1 basic needs: 170 x 10 = 1700 + calories for physical activity: 1700 x 10Determine% = 170 calories total requirement: 1925 kcal to the ideal weight, take it easy height in cm divided by 100, less 10th In sum, enough sports, like Nordic walking, jogging, cycling and swimming, and a deliberate low-fat diet bring much more than any other so-called super diets or any diet product.