A Letter Shop is a company that cares what is mailing or promotional mailings. The business activities of a letter shops is diverse. Mailings or advertising programs are more successful if they are directly personalisert. That means with personal addresses, salutations, or be assigned other persons related components. In addition, the personalized text elements into a pre-printed letter, the brochure or catalog to be printed or personalized documents produced directly by laser printing or inkjet printing. A letter shop also offers the total costs. This includes the assembling of folded printed matter (, bend, etc.), the enveloping of the materials in the shipping envelope or wrapping of catalogs in PVC or PE films. A letter shop makes use of a rule or automated inserters Einschweimaschinen. Dealing with addresses and personal information of customers who require a professional approach. These are of particular Lettershop respect the privacy statement. The umbrella organization for letter shops, the German Direct Marketing Association.DDV members to comply with certain self-control. The Lettershop often provides the groundwork for the mailing. In addition, the optimization of the addresses and the postage printed matter heard comparison of addresses or examination of the addresses in order to minimize duplication of costs and returns. Moreover Lettershop deliver to customer shipment, the mailing to the German Post Office or other shipping providers. Many letter shops to compare costs from different senders and thus offer their customers the best quality at low cost. Usually, the customer can select one letter shops, which provide services in a mailing letter shop and wants to take over the work that the customer himself. Nevertheless, the majority of letter shops are full-service company offering comprehensive services. In summary one can say that a professional letter shop services have a key point for the success of a mailing is. Companies should make this point in your design flow with and the success of its marketing campaign in professional handsgive.