Art is not just art. Does not always have everything from hand painted and be very expensive. Today’s technology and the common printing processes, it is thanks to them that in no time creative and expressive motifs adorn the walls. No – it is normal and not posters, which are purchased from a dealer around the corner, but to canvas paintings. As the name suggests, these are photo canvas prints to images, which were photographed and then applied with a modern printing technology on a micro-fiber screen. This value is placed on trying to specifically for canvas pictures the corresponding micro-fiber screen is suitable for applications both reflection free, scratch-and still is water-resistant – for how quickly it has happened – flies and other insects are browsing the photos on canvas and leave their poverty, which should be removed with a wet cloth again. This is possible only at a micro-fiber screen, since the application of the ink, this immediately connects with the canvas. The Internet providesProviders who have specialized on a photo canvas. With them is only the shot photo per upload and submit the provider will do the rest to create a canvas from a photo image. Each submitted photo can be printed – no matter in different screen formats, whether small or very large. Not just one piece, but also multi-part canvas prints are possible. The delivery times are extremely short. As a rule of thumb can be expected to pass after the initiation of the order process, only 2-5 business days to arrive your own photo on canvas at home. This requires of course that the respective delivery also fix works, which today can be so is not always assured.