The body is in a constant state of adjustment to maintain the regulated things, and changes occur in the body every day. The more stable systems in the body, most our bodily organs can function optimally. There is a built-in regulator in each of us that properly directs our body. Our bodies work in the single principle of cause and reaction. For example, if the body is warm, sweat is produced. If the body is cold, the tremor happens to generate heat. Body naturally gives priority to certain systems of the body may need extra help. The principle of the ancient art of Zen is very similar, with the premise that everything should be in harmony and balance.

When the body in its entirety uses all of its systems in agreement and perfect balance, health and vitality is reached. The natural way most of the people in the Western world has access to support medical, rich and varied diet, and the conditions in which we live we protect against the elements. Despite this, Western people suffer more diseases that people living in less affluent. In addition, modern Western diets, the use of recreational drugs, and prescription drugs also take their cost in health, making it more difficult to achieve systemic balance. When undertakes a body system, is created a domino effect, with a system affecting the next. Many people do not aware that nature provides the solution in the form of herbs and foods called Adaptogens.

In fact, analyzing the diet of many societies known to the health of their retirees, their typical diet contains features adaptogenic and antioxidants. Holistic health aims to direct the mind and body to promote health and vitality. Unfortunately, environmental factors such as pollution, light of the sun radiation, smoking and alcohol consumption can disrupt the delicate balance that the body tries so hard to maintain.

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