I am always struck by the euphoria, nervousness, sweating, cold hands and other uncontrollable symptoms that a football match generates in some people. Even more so if the team laying “means force,” is the country’s own. If the team wins, total happiness is, they all feel proud of the victory but not one leg lifted or touched any ball, they forget all the problems. If the team loses, the disappointment and sadness are large and responsible for the failure are being sought to alleviate some pain. But everything is a game that soon forget to start again the above symptoms appear, at the next meeting. These gains and losses involving only teams playing at their clubs and indirectly to their fans. In the case of governments, when a group wins an election, the opposition is engaged, as in a football tournament, to focus on the mistakes of his opponent to see how he does fall, no matter how good you do for the benefit of people is supposedly defending. Both the opposition as the winning group, should work together to move forward. The opposition, being the guardian of the general interests, avoiding overstepping their powers and the winning group, listening to the opposition to shape their behavior.

Many times you lose that perspective and feel the triumph of the other as a goal to be reversed, without considering the good consequences that may mean that goal, for the common good. This is due also, when you have power, you also have the chance to get perks and jobs for relatives and friends, and when you lose power, loses everything and goes into a limbo from which only comes out when they win the elections. That is the conception of the game of politics, in countries that are in the process, nothing more than tracks, because you have far development. No continuity, for he who comes, start from scratch, ignoring the advances of the previous government. Instead of going in a straight line which is the fastest way to get from one point to another, continually changing the direction of the path traveled by a zig-zag, where little is done and maybe I can get to be returned. It is not re-elections, but individual ownership and collective, to construct and criticize each other, but in order to continue building. The life of a country is not a set of goals and revenge is something that should not be played.