So you can interested coffee lovers know after the entire German roaster-scene and get a selection that you will find in any supermarket. The art of coffee brewing: Barista workshops are of course need good beans also adequately prepared, before they can be enjoyed as a coffee the new cooking classes. And so a growing scene of baristas, latte formed parallel to the small roasters landscape artists and suppliers of high-quality coffee machines and accessories. There are now international Barista competitions such as recently the World Barista Championship in London. Thomas Schweiger, German Barista champion 2010, was which for Germany: for a good cup of coffee is not only the quality of the beans is important, but also the proper preparation.

The term Barista comes from Italy and is the term for someone who can perfectly cope with screening carrier machine, mill, and tamper. This shows that more and more people dealt with this craft, growing range of so-called Barista courses. By the correct grinding of bean to the art with the milk froth everything is offered.” In addition to a small coffee bar, Schweiger operates therefore a training center in Ansbach, to pass on his knowledge to beginners and advanced. Who wants to know what courses are offered where: The platform offers a comprehensive overview of Barista seminars in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. After the big hype about cooking shows in the television and cooking courses in leisure, barista courses now offer a way to improve the experience for the real gourmet. After all, what better complements a good meal as a perfectly prepared Espresso or cappuccino? General information about coffee and Barista scene coffee network, the community around BBs theme coffee:, information portal for coffee and espresso: World Barista Championship: online-shops and small roasters Black Pirate coffee crew: Carolin maras 0157 72536795 Florian Steiner: Florian Steiner 06221-6508233 Barista training green & bean: Thomas Schweiger 0981-972 17 97 Anderegg coffee technology: training/Schulung.html Michael Anderegg 08055-90 46 06 coffee Consulate: de / seminare.htm Dr. Steffen Schwarz 0621 40 17 10 73 coffee machines and accessories to suit all budgets small budget (up to 100): it must be not always high-TEC hand mill, stamp pot or espresso maker for the stove! _Zassenhaus coffee grinders: _Bodum stamp pitchers: _Bialetti espresso Maker: _or everything from one hand under shop luxury (from 600): electric coffee grinders, screening carrier machine, tamper & co.: the kitchenette is equipped with this piece of equipment!

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