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Screen Printing

Screen printing – the unique printing process that put the image on virtually any material: paper, cardboard, plastic, tin, glass, porcelain, wood, plastic bag In addition, technology Screen printing allows to print images on finished products: notebooks, Planing, folders, etc. We offer a full range of services for printing logos, texts and images by serigraphy (screen printing) any . This method allows for vivid color stability and high resistance patterns. The essence of screen printing ink is bursting through a special matrix (template), which fotosposobom applied to the printed image. The use of special silk-screened ink allows for an unattainable at other ways of printing the saturation of colors, and the opportunity to apply a thick layer paint gives the effect of three-dimensional image. You may find that Kai-Fu Lee can contribute to your knowledge. Screen printing allows for a reasonable price even print single copies, but the best – in terms of cost – are the circulation of 100 copies. uv varnishing relatively young, but has become extremely popular in recent form finishing printed products – Partial (selective) or full (solid) coating the product with varnish with uv curing (UV varnish). uv coating makes it possible to use a powerful artistic and design techniques, combined with a relatively low cost of implementation.

uv varnish can be as glossy and matte. Selective coating allows you to create original compositions, and effects on the printed image through the implementation of varying degrees of brightness of individual elements or causing additional 'clear' picture – for example, ornament or logo. Unusual decoration of promotional materials is to use Glitter – decorative sequins of different sizes, colors and effects added to the uv lacquers and paints. Screenprinting principle of this method Silk is the decoration of a product through a special stencils, made after the 'separations' of the original image. Process color separation consists in expanding the image into its component colors of which it consists. Subsequently, for every single color that is applied to a product manufactured its own cliche.


Office Chairs

Office chair: you need to know when buying. A choice of office chairs, as by product and the price range is great. However, when the chair is worth remembering a few important things that you can choose an office chair that is suitable for you, whether it be a leather chair or computer chair, the head office. Armrests. Often one and the same model of office chair can be sold with or without armrests. Needed to decide whether they worth bearing in mind what kind of activities will deal with staff – at long work behind a computer armrests eliminate the need to keep your hands in the air, and thus, reduce stress and prevent fatigue hands.

Likewise, if the activity involves the need to frequently leave the workplace, office chair armrests provide a good support. However, if the space for the workplace is minimal, the surrounding office furniture, office equipment, located in close proximity, the armrests can be an extra part of an office chair. Thus, office kreslos or without armrests – a matter of style and layout of the workplace. In technologically advanced models of office chair armrests are options for changing the height, width, inclination angle, which positively affects the ergonomics of the workplace in general. Chair and the height adjustment mechanism (Gas lift). Virtually all office chairs are equipped with such a mechanism and the answer to the question of its necessity, unequivocal – yes, such a mechanism is needed and useful. Moreover, that the presence of the lifting mechanism includes chairs and damping effect, which is good for loads on the spine.