The miniPay GmbH offers an innovative and affordable online payment system for the buyout without or with registration. “Aachen, 07.08.2012 since August 1, 2012 is the so-called law of button” entered into force, that is to provide more consumer-friendly transparency in Internet shopping. Companies must inform a contract or purchase clear, understandable and complete. For Internet-shops must bring their order forms and the corresponding buttons on the current state, just the last dialog window to the effective conclusion of purchase must comply with the statutory requirements. The miniPay GmbH ( has integrated all the requirements of the new law in its online payment system for digital content, goods and services and provides a legally-compliant purchase button as a complete solution for shops. The miniPay purchase button is embedded in its simplest form within two minutes in the shop and ensures a convenient, cheap and law compliant sell on the Internet,”Dr. Oliver promises Green, Managing Director of miniPay.

The payment system miniPay in addition to the payments on the basis of the direct debit procedure also billing and a reminder system for small amounts – offers. According to the provider is miniPay with transaction fees under 20 cents and a takeover of the complete rear direct debit fee in the event of a chargeback, a gunstigststen provider in Germany just for smaller amounts. With the system, payments and deliveries of both access to online content of digital goods like software, games, tickets or music also normal shop articles, time-limited or even periodic items like subscriptions and memberships can be optimally handled.