As more and more airports introduced tighter rules on carrying liquids, wanted specializing an online hotel reservation service in Asia, a closer look at the safety regulations for hand luggage. Carrying liquids abroad have today become a difficult and confusing task. In particular, since the different airports have different rules. But these days, most countries operate in terms of security arrangements under the slogan Better safe than sorry and to follow the global safety standards. The prohibition of certain liquids on board aircraft began in 2006 when the UK was foiled a planned attack on transatlantic scheduled flights should be detonated in the liquid explosives. Immediately after the incident, strict rules for taking liquids and sprays were applied on board. Most of these provisions are still in force, and the majority of the airports is based on the American TransportSecurity Administration (TAS) protocols. The basic rules are rules under the TAS: All liquids in containers that hold more than 100 ml, are prohibited in the aircraft cabin. The only exceptions are liquid baby food (including milk) and prescription drugs. The most common prohibited items are everyday items such as drinks, butane lighters, hair gel, hand lotion, perfume, toothpaste, moisturizing lotion and all other on liquid products. Liquids that people want to bring on board must be placed in containers of maximum 100 ml, which must fit in one transparent, sealed 1 liter plastic bag. Most major airports in Asia have this year, the U.S. safety standards with respect to introduced fluids, including Thailand’s Suvarnabhumi Airport to the latest in the world. For many travelers in Southeast Asia – particularly Bangkok – were the new provisions introduced by surprise. In order to ensure that valuable itemslose has compiled a list of tips to help you prepare for your departure pack: * Before you create a checklist with items that are banned in hand luggage (Refer to the website of useful insider travel tips for packing or go to the TSA Web site on which) you will find an easily understandable booklet on the topic * Unpack all skincare and cosmetic items in your checked luggage instead of your hand baggage * If you buy duty-free items, find out when sales staff, as the products were sealed and the terms after you have opened it, * If Sie‘notwendige bring items’ in your hand luggage, make sure that they are in containers of maximum 100 ml, in a transparent resealable plastic bags are packed. It might be more convenient travel-care and cosmetic items to buy, to save themselves the trouble of having to be individually wrapped items. To travel in style, tryKhiel travel sets for men or Schnheitsset of Ren De Lamer or cream for women.